Build Manufacturing Controls at Web Development Speeds

Underlying all Aleph's products and services is a career-grade operating environment we call the AlephOne™ Platform. Not only does AlephOne™ Platform support our services, it can be used to create and maintain custom applications to fit the needs of every manufacturer.

Control Your Manufacturing Destiny

No more OEM lock-ins. AlephOne™ Platform gives you, the freedom to control your machine's lifespan. Using AlephOne™ Platform you can upgrade your manufacturing processes to the modern practices of 21st century without having to upgrade your equipment. AlephOne™ Platform breathes new life into existing controls, without forcing a hardware upgrade cycle. In many cases, the AlephOne™ Platform produces a system that is better, more robust, and more flexible than the upgraded machine from the OEM. Or consider upgrading your controls without requiring updates to the PLCs. Instead of upgrading the PLC, simply deploy a new (software) container to push new functions to the factory floor. Fewer PLCs means you have to worry less about obsolescence.

Roadmap to OPC UA

AlephOne™ Platform implements machine interoperability and semantic gateways with OPC UA, so you don't have to be locked-in an OEM solution. In fact, Aleph Platform will strengthen your negotiating position with your OEMs by giving you a readily available alternative to their offerings.

Secure at the Core

AlephOne™ Platform implements world-class cybersecurity, and is compliant with ISA/IEC 62443. We've designed the Aleph Platform architecture to have a very small attak platform as compared to the porous interfaces of so-called "Industrial PCs" that are often penetrated by hackers and industrial spies.

Deploy Anywhere: Cloud, Server, or Edge

AlephOne™ Platform applications run where you need them: in the cloud, on your server or at the edge. One platform fits all. Securely. This allows you to focus on the application at hand instead of spinning cycles on architectural arrangements. This becomes handy when in real-time manufacturing solutions where the cloud is just too far away from the factory to process results in real-time.

Deploy to Hundreds of Machines in Seconds

Integrating application deployment and telemetry, AlephOne™ Platform provides the most effective route for continuous improvement. Roll out and manage to hundreds of machines in seconds. Not only that you can ship to hundreds of machines, you can do so with zero touch and complete confidence, via Aleph Platform's OTA Updates.

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Aleph Platform

Aleph Platform is customized on a per-customer basis. For more information:

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