AlephOne™ Workcentre

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AlephOne™ Workcentre is a fundamental component of the AlephOne™ architecture. Applying the core principles we have designed AlephOne™ so that each Workcentre installation can work standalone and with minimal IT support.

Keep it Simple. Smart.

AlephOne’s touch user interface is so simple and intuitive it is easy for anyone to learn to use it in a few minutes. No more training sessions to properly use complicated HMIs. But it's also powerful: AlephOne UI can be adjusted to reflect any type of equipment.

Locating the Problem

AlephOne™ helps you break down manufacturing problems into simple but fundamental underlying dimensions of: Orders, Materials, Equipment and People. This approach significantly cuts down on the complexity of addressing problems in everyday manufacturing.

Ready to Go in One Hour

AlephOne™ Workcentre is designed to get you started with minimum fuss. Most installations will take less than an hour. All you have to do to install AlephOne™ is to connect it to your equipment’s IOs and you are set to go.

Industrial Dependability

AlephOne™ has been installed in diverse industrial conditions: from bottling plants to foundries. So we can say in full confidence it will work in your setting. At the core of AlephOne is Siemens IOT2020, which is standard-certified, and simple to install. We include a high end tablet protector which has been tested in thousands of factories.

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  • 1 workcentre console
  • All software & hardware
  • Same day shipping
  • One hour install
  • Full support
  • Day view
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