Day at A Glance

Go from one workcentre to an entire shop floor with little work, and watch your real-time knowledge about what is going on in the factory multiply. Instead of working from paper and excel spreadsheets, you can view the status of all of today's orders plan at a glance. The system updates automatically as work progresses on the shop floor.

Finding the Root Cause

AlephOne™ helps your team pinpoint the root causes of manufacturing problems, saving second-guessing and contentious meetings full of guesses and no data. Once the problem is found, use the data collected by AlephOne™ Workcentre to validate that removing the root cause has affected the symptoms so they no longer exist.


Pinpoint hotspots, where you can anticipate problems with production. Problems are identified across production lines. Tap on a hotspot to learn why it was detected.

Built to Scale

While AlephOne™ starts with core fundamentals, its modular architecture lets you scale up to model any type of production. Got questions about how it can handle your production? Give us a call.

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  • 5 workcentre & 1 manager consoles
  • All software & hardware
  • Same day shipping
  • One hour install
  • Full support
  • Day view
  • Week view
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